free home visit

FREE home recliner trails are carried out by Scott or Chris  – not a sales person on a commisson

When scott or chris visits your home the following is guaranteed :

  • Honest up front clear prices
  • No pressure to purchase
  • Genuine savings 

When scott or chris visits you home the following is also guaranteed not to happen

  • Vauge and confusing prices
  • pressure selling tactics
  • magical chairs that can start at £4000 and then can unbeilievey be reduced by 75%

Option 1

Arrange for a famliy member or friend who is aware of your needs to pop into our store and chat with scott or chris

we then can discuss the options available and select a number of different chairs we can bring out for you to try

Option 2

Simply Call us on 0121-693-9238 and we can discuss the options and prices in detail with you

Option 3

Email us on 

And we can answer any queries via email