Beginner’s guide to buying a recliner chair

Shopping for a riser recliner chair may seem like an easy task, but with so many options to weigh up before choosing the perfect one for you, you’re going to need to take so many factors into consideration before deciding on the final chair for you.

When picking your riser recliner chair it’s difficult to know where to start. Do you want a single motor or a dual motor? What style do you want? Fabric or leather? There are endless possibilities which is why this guide will help you towards choosing the perfect chair for you.

Why is size important?

Here at Comfort and Recline size is very important, we fit your chair exactly to your specification meaning your size measurements are crucial to getting the correctly sized riser recliner chair. We want to give you the most comfortable chair and we believe by fitting it to your exact measurements we can do this.

Dual or single motor?

When choosing your specific Comfort and Recline chair you’ll want to know which motor is for you. The dual motor gives you complete independent control of both the footrest and the back of the chair, whereas a single motor will recline to a comfortable position and lift to a near standing position all in one function.

Space is more important than you think

Different riser recliner chairs require different amounts of space, this means you need to take into consideration the size of the chair before you purchase it. For a standard riser recliner chair you will need both space in front and behind the chair to allow for the specific technology to move around. However, for a wall hugger chair you will need less room behind the chair meaning the chair can be placed closer to the wall. Having trouble deciding which riser recliner mechanism is for you, please read our previous article here to help you decide.

Style and design

You want your riser recliner chair to be as stylish as possible don’t you? Well here at Comfort and Recline we have 11 different designs to choose from meaning you really are spoilt for choice. All of our chair designs are able to be viewed here and you can find a little bit more detail about each one, you want a chair that complements the room it’s in but you may also want it to stand out.

Fabric or leather?

Choosing which material you want really does affect the final appearance of your chair. You’ve got all your technological parts in place but what about the final look? Leather is easily maintainable whereas fabric can be a tough maintenance job, however, fabric offers a lot more colours and patterns than leather. Leather ages well and gets softer over the years whereas fabric can get marked and damaged easier. Fabric tends to be warmer and cosier than leather but ultimately, it is down to personal preference.

Here at Comfort and Recline we intend on making a product that is perfect for you, with your specific requirements and measurements being taken on board, we really do go that extra mile to make a change in your life.


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