Rascal Eco 4 Light Weight 4 Wheel Scooter

Rascal Eco 4 Light Weight 4 Wheel Scooter

Product Overview

The Rascal Eco 4 delivers an outstanding level of comfort and performance in this latest generation of Rascal economy scooters. Discover independent freedom with this compact runabout that is easy to dismantle and load into a car boot.
With excellent performance in its class, the Rascal Eco4 can be quickly dismantled for transportation – wireless connections, easy-grip and quick release locks, and manageable components – the heaviest Eco4 section is just 34lbs, with a rear section of only 24lbs.


Four wheel car transportable scooter
Comfortable Swivel Seat
Chunky Hand Grips – easy to use controls
Lift up, width adjustable armrests
Extra wide tyres
Removable battery pack -off board charging
Tiller lock to secure during dismantling
Heaviest part 34lbs
Fits into most car boots.


Overall length 100cm (39″)
Overall width56cm (22″)
Maximum rider weight113kg (250lb)
Batteries2 x 15 ampBattery pack weight10kg (22lb)
Heaviest component weight15.4kg (34lb)
Seat weight with arms 8.7kg (19lb)
Ground clearance6cm (2.5″)
Total weight 45kg (99lb)
Maximum range Up to 14km (9 miles)
Maximum speed 6.4kph (4mph)
Front wheel size20x8cm (8×3″)
Rear wheel size20x8cm (8×3″)

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