Rascal Ultra Light 480 Pavement Scooter

Rascal Ultra Light 480 Pavement Scooter

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Product Overview

UltraLite scooters have a proven reputation for outstanding design and reliability. The UltraLite 480 delivers the ultimate in lightweight, transportable scooters, ensuring you stay independent at all times, whether you are out shopping, or just visiting friends or family, the UltraLite 480 is there for you, everyday.
Every detail of this scooter has been thoughtfully designed. Easy to transport, the UltraLite 480 can be dismantled in seconds; no cables to worry about, just quick-release locks, convenient lifting handles and manageable components – the heaviest piece is only 29lbs.
Easy to stow, the UltraLite 480 can be stored vertically in your home if space is an issue, and fits easily into most car boots when disassembled.
With its narrow, stable design, clear controls and comfortable, lightweight seat, the UltraLite 480 is truly a pleasure to drive.



Car Transportable four wheel scooter
Dismantles without tools
Convenient lifting handles
Heaviest part 29lbs
Removable battery pack for off-board charging
Easy to use controls
Swivel Seat and flip up armrests
Charger storage in battery box casing

Comes in a variety of colour’s including:
Red, Silver.


Overall length 102cm (40″)
Overall width51cm (20″)
Maximum rider weight113kg (250lb)
Batteries2x12AhBattery pack weight10kg (22lb)
Heaviest component weight13kg (29lb)
Seat weight with arms 7.3kg (16lb)
Maximum range Up to 13km (8 miles)
Total weight 41kg (90lb)
Ground clearance5cm (2″)
Maximum speed 6km/h (3.8mph)
Front wheel size17.5*5cm(7*2″)
Real wheel size 20x5cm (8×2″)
Colours Red & Silver