The Fuctions of a riser recliner chair


A riser recliner chair fully reclines to ensure the user is comfortable when resting and relaxing. The backrest lowers to a near-horizontal position and the legrest also rises to support the user’s legs.

Some chairs have a wall-hugging feature which means the chairs comes forward as it reclines. This allows the chair to be positioned close to a wall without the backrest reclining into it, an ideal feature for smaller rooms.


These chairs also rise to help the user to stand. From a flat, seated position the chair rises up an

d then tilts at the same time to a point where the seat is high and tilted forward. This presents an ideal position for standing and walking away from the chair.

Once in the raised position, the user will need to be able to push themselves up using the armrests of the chair. Mobility aids such as a walking frame can be bought right up to the chair to further facilitate to walking.

Single or Dual motor option for you?

Single motor
A single motor riser recliner chair has one motor that performs all of the rise and recline functions. The motor is controlled through a single set of buttons, one takes the chair from a reclined right through to a raised position whilst the other button does the same sequence in reverse.

Dual motor
A dual motor chair has two motors. The chair is controlled through two sets of buttons, one operates the motor that raises and lowers the whole chair and legrest, whilst the other set operates the motor that reclines and raises the backrest. This means the user can recline the backrest independently of all other functions which enables more sitting/lying positions and also the backrest reclines further as one motor arm is dedicated to it.


Choosing the right Lift & Rise Recliner chair & from who!

You can buy a riser recliner from various places either by visiting a store, purchasing online, by phone or mail order. Whilst all of these methods are useful, it’s important to gather as much information on your potential purchase as possible. The trick is not to simply go for the cheapest chair on offer as it may not be suitable for your needs. Every chair is different and addresses a particular need better than others. Quality & craftsmanship can mean the difference between a chair being comfortable for the long term or simply becoming worn out and saggy in a short time. We often see people that are suffering because their chair bought on line without seeing or trying it is sagging & not supporting them as it should.

Be aware of high pressure sales tactics

Please be aware of the adds for home visits by so called “Chair specialists“, these companies will not discuss the price of the chair over the phone, they don’t generally have showrooms, they want the opportunity to get into your home & pressure sell you a chair. We often come across people who have been or know someone who has been sold a chair like this. Often we have heard of people paying up to £4000 yes £4000 for a riser recliner. It is much better to visit our showroom where you see a range of chairs with prices clearly displayed, but if this is not possible we can discuss you requirements including prices and arrange a home demonstration.

Where to buy ?

Whist it might be tempting to order your riser recliner from a magazine or on line with attractive room setting pictures, we would always recommend that you try before you buy. We at comfort and recline Chris and Scott have been selling lift & rise recliners also referred to as riser recliners for over 10 years! So as you can imagine we have gathered a considerable amount of product knowledge over the years.

You will notice TV and magazine adds promoting these chairs through a network of stores. This advertising has to be paid for & you the customer will be doing just that. Chris and Scott have been trading independently as a  family business for over 25 years, we operate from just one showroom in Kings Heath B14 7SA . Our overheads are considerably lower that the big stores and that is more than reflected in the price you the customer pays. We sell just the same products, made by the same manufacturers maybe under different names but they are just the same & with the same back up service.

SIZE matters

When first sitting in any kind of new chair, there will be a feeling of comfort compared to your old chair which must have lost a lot of it’s support over the years, but what you need to know is if this feeling will last. One way of determining whether or not this is possible is having a chair size that is correct for you. It’s quite simple really, if you had too small or too large a pair of shoes then they would be uncomfortable. The same applies to buying a riser recliner, it should be the right size.

This is why you will find that riser recliners come in different shapes & sizes to suit different people. When you visit a specialist chair store like Comfort and Reclinel you will see a good selection of different chairs. We even have a range of chairs that can be made to measure and sensible prices.

VAT exemption

If you’re buying a riser recliner us & you have a specific medical condition that restricts your mobility you will automatically qualify for VAT exemption. Some of the conditions which would enable you to qualify for a VAT free purchase are arthritis, rheumatism, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease or circulatory problems. You simply have to complete a simple self declaration form supplied by us in store. You do not need a doctors letter or have to be registered disabled.

Dual or Single Motor Riser Recliner

Most riser recliners have either 1 or 2 motors. In a single motor chair the footrest raise & lower, chair lift & rise and the backrest recline functions are all controlled from the one motor. Once the footrest is raised the backrest can be reclined, but the back rest cannot be controlled without the footrest first being raised.

A dual motor chair gives you complete independent control of both the backrest and the footrest. Therefore you are able to have the footrest reclined whilst keeping the back in an upright position and vice versa. Both single & dual motor chairs have the lift & rise facility to raise and lower the chair for getting into & out of the chair with ease & safety.